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What are the things to consider when choosing Custom Wood Screws?

Oct 19,2022

Custom Wood Screws are threaded fasteners used to attach wooden workpieces. They don't have to be made of wood. Instead, Custom Wood Screws have many of the same metals and alloys as other screws. They are called wood screws because they are designed for use with wooden workpieces.
Like all screws, wood screws have a head, a handle, and a tip. The handle usually has some threads, which means the threads only extend down about three-quarters of the way down. Still, some wood screws have a fully threaded handle that extends from the head to the tip.
Many wood screws also have tapered heads. In other words, the head and calves are mixed. The area where the head of the wood screw connects to the handle is tapered. This tapered design allows the head to be flush with the surface of the workpiece where the wood screw is installed.
All wood screws are designed for wooden workpieces, but they are not all the same. When buying wood screws, you need to consider size. Different wood screws come in different sizes. Some are long, some are short. The diameter of the wood screws can also be varied. There are coarse wood screws and thin wood screws.
When buying wood screws, you should also consider China Wood Screws Manufacturers. Many wood screws are made of steel. In fact, steel is the most common material from which all fasteners are made—wood screws are no exception. Wood screws made of stainless and high carbon steel can be found. Besides steel, other materials for wood screws include titanium, brass and aluminum.
Choose wood screws with appropriate drive slots, which are grooves or groove patterns in the head of the screw. To install the screw, you need to put a bit in the drive slot in the head, and then you can turn it.

Finish:Passivation, Chromium-Plating, Black Oxide, Zinc-Plating, HDG
Measurement system:Metric
Application:General Industry, Heavy Industry, furniture
Tapping screws type:Slotted pan head tapping screws
Customized support:OEM
Material:Carbon Steel
Head type:Pan Head
Product name:self tapping screw
Surface treatment:Zinc Plated Polished
Size:#0-#24 1/2" 1/4" 3/8" 5/16" 7/16"
Place of Origin:Zhejiang

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