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Stainless steel flat metal roofing wood screws Custom

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Wood screws

Wood screws

Stainless steel flat metal roofing wood screws

Product Specifications


Black, Black Oxide, Blue Anodized, BLUE DYED, Cadmium Plated, Chrome Plated, Plain, Silver Plated, ZINC, ZINC PLATED, Zinc-aluminum Coated, Zinc-Flake Coated


Stainless Steel, Steel

Measurement system:

INCH, Metric

Head Style:

Cheese, Flat, HEX, Oval, Pan, Round, Truss

Place of Origin:







plain,HDG,zinc plated


steel,stainless steel,carbon steel


metal roofing screws for wood


as the drawing


wood screw








ISO9001: 2015

About us

Zheshang Development Group New Material

It strives to be the world's leading fastener industry chain organizer.

Zheshang Development Group (Zhejiang) New Materials Technology Co., LTD. was invested and established by Zheshang Development Group Co., LTD, a state-owned listed company affiliated to Zhejiang Communications Investment Group Co., LTD, the largest state-owned enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It mainly focuses on high-end fine China Wood screws manufacturers, with products widely used in industrial fields, including automobiles, high-speed railways, aerospace, military industry, wind power and nuclear power.
The company was registered and established in September 2017. The project covers an area of 100 mu and has a registered capital of 100 million yuan. In 2018, it was awarded a key project of Zhejiang Province.
Through the whole plant area position, the whole procedure standardization and the whole process informatization, Zheshang Development Group New Material strives to improve the seriousness of process discipline, the accuracy of material information, and the effectiveness of plan management. Therefore, it can build the business profitability which combines the production organization ability with order management as the core and the industry and trade. As a result, it strives to be the world's leading OEM/ODM Wood Screws suppliers, Our Custom Stainless steel flat metal roofing wood screws are mainly exported to dozens of countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Britain, South Korea, Australia, Canada and so on.

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