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How to use Self-tapping Screw?

Oct 12,2022

First, decide on the correct screw type for the substrate to be fastened. Mark the exact location where the screws will be used, and make sure you have enough room for a screwdriver or drill.
Often it is helpful, but not always necessary, to drill a pilot hole with a diameter slightly smaller than the actual screw size. This allows the screw body to fill the hole in the drilled hole and allows the thread to cut into the material as it is screwed in. Be careful to use a slightly smaller bit than the self-tapping screw, otherwise the threads will have nothing to bite into when it's screwed in.
Place the Self-tapping Screw straight in the hole and turn it in by hand, one to two turns. That way, when you pick up a screwdriver or drill, the screw stays in the hole. Using a firm short motion, use a Phillips- or flat-blade screwdriver or drill to drive the self-tapping screw into place. Make sure the self-tapping screw is straight and don't overtighten as this may cause the screw head to come off.
Self-tapping Screws Manufacturers have two distinct categories of self-tapping screws that can be identified by the action that occurs when they are screwed in. Thread-forming screws form their own threads as they are screwed into material. The same goes for thread cutting screws, but there's a fundamental difference in the way they do it. The cutting edge of a thread cutting screw is actually a cut of the material, removing it from the area where the screw entered. Thread-forming screws do not cut any material, but displace it, allowing material to flow around the thread.

Finish:Passivation, Chromium-Plating, Black Oxide, Zinc-Plating, HDG
Measurement system:Metric
Application:General Industry, Heavy Industry, furniture
Tapping screws type:Slotted pan head tapping screws
Customized support:OEM
Material:Carbon Steel
Head type:Pan Head
Product name:self tapping screw
Surface treatment:Zinc Plated Polished
Size:#0-#24 1/2" 1/4" 3/8" 5/16" 7/16"
Place of Origin:Zhejiang

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