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The company held the 2021 "Safety Production Month" activity kick-off meeting

Jun 22,2021

June this year is the 20th National "Safety Production Month" with the theme "Implementing Safety Responsibilities and Promoting Safe Development". In order to thoroughly implement the important expositions of General Secretary Jin Ping on production safety, solidly promote the three-year special rectification of production safety, focus on tackling difficulties, and organize various tasks for this year's "Safety Production Month". On May 24, the company held the "Safety Production Month". The kick-off meeting was to deploy the company's "Safety Production Month" activities. Xu Guru, member of the company’s party committee, deputy general manager, and deputy director of the safety committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The company's safety production department, the person in charge of the party committee work department, and the safety leaders and safety management personnel of related production business units such as Zheshang Development Group New Material attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Xu Guru put forward three requirements on how to carry out the "Safety Production Month" activities: First, we must improve our ideological understanding. All units and departments must earnestly improve their political positions, enhance their awareness of work safety, organize and implement the activities of the "Safety Production Month", and promote the popularization of work safety knowledge and capacity enhancement. The second is to organize activities well. The "Safety Production Month" activity is an important work deployment of the company. Each subsidiary (branch) company shall set up corresponding institutions according to the company's requirements, and be specifically responsible for the organization and implementation of activities and the implementation of responsibilities, so as to be organized, guaranteed, and arranged. ,request. The third is to highlight the effectiveness of activities. All units and departments must earnestly perform their safety production responsibilities, and implement the company's safety management related system requirements in accordance with the company's "system implementation year" requirements, and promote the "safe production month" activities to achieve results.
At the meeting, the Ministry of Work Safety reported the recent safety inspection work and announced the "Safety Production Month" activity plan.

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