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What are the advantages of locknuts?

Nov 24,2022

As the name implies, locknut is a kind of nut that prevents loosening, and is generally used for locking machinery and equipment.
Metal Roofing Wood Screws Suppliers tell you three advantages of locknuts:
1. Superior anti vibration performance: when the thread is tightened, the thread linearity of the top of the bolt tightly enters the 30 ° wedge inclined plane of the nut and is clamped, and the normal force exerted on the wedge inclined plane forms an angle of 60 ° with the axis of the bolt, rather than a 30 ° angle. Therefore, the normal force generated when the locknut is tightened is far greater than that of ordinary standard nuts, which has great anti loosening and anti vibration capacity.
2. Strong wear resistance and shear resistance: the 30 ° bevel of the nut thread bottom can make the nut locking force evenly distributed on the threads of all threads. Since the compression force on the thread surface of all threads is evenly distributed, the nut can better solve the problem of thread wear and shear deformation.
3. Good reusability: extensive use shows that the locking force of the locknut does not decrease after repeated fastening and disassembly, and the original locking effect can be maintained.

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