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Can flange bolts be reused after disassembly, or is it generally recommended to use new bolts each time?

Feb 18,2024

Whether flange bolts can be reused after disassembly depends on several factors:
Condition of the Bolt: If the flange bolt is in good condition with no signs of damage, deformation, or corrosion, it may be suitable for reuse.
Tightening Torque: Reusing flange bolts may require careful consideration of the tightening torque. Over-tightening or uneven torque distribution during reassembly can compromise the bolt's integrity and lead to failure.
Gasket Condition: If the flange bolts are used in conjunction with a gasket to create a seal, the condition of the gasket should also be assessed. Reusing bolts with a worn or damaged gasket may result in leaks.
Manufacturer Recommendations: Some bolt manufacturers may provide guidelines on the reuse of their products. It's essential to follow any recommendations or specifications provided by the manufacturer.
Application Requirements: In critical or high-stress applications, it may be safer to use new bolts to ensure reliability and structural integrity.
Inspection: Before reuse, flange bolts should be thoroughly inspected for any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Bolts that do not meet the required standards should be replaced.
While flange bolts can sometimes be reused after disassembly, it's essential to assess their condition, follow proper torque procedures, and consider the specific requirements of the application to ensure safety and reliability.

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