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Are there specific guidelines for handling and storing hex bolts?

Jan 26,2024

handling and storing hex bolts properly is important to maintain their integrity and prevent issues such as corrosion. Here are some specific guidelines for handling and storing hex bolts:
Handling Guidelines:
Clean Hands: Ensure that hands are clean and free from oils or contaminants before handling hex bolts to prevent corrosion.
Use Tools: When handling hex bolts, use appropriate tools like wrenches or pliers to avoid damaging the threads or surfaces.
Avoid Dropping: Avoid dropping hex bolts, as impact can lead to deformation or damage.
Thread Protection: Protect the threads from damage by avoiding contact with hard surfaces or contaminants.
Use Gloves: When handling hex bolts for extended periods, consider using gloves to minimize the transfer of oils and moisture from the skin.
Storing Guidelines:
Dry Environment: Store hex bolts in a dry environment to prevent corrosion. Moisture can lead to rust, especially on steel hex bolts.
Temperature Control: Maintain a stable temperature in the storage area. Extreme temperature variations can contribute to condensation and rust formation.
Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation to prevent the buildup of moisture and humidity in the storage space.
Avoid Direct Contact with Floor: Store hex bolts on pallets or shelves, avoiding direct contact with the floor to prevent moisture absorption.
Separation: Store different types of hex bolts separately to avoid galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals coming into contact.
Labeling: Clearly label different types and sizes of hex bolts for easy identification.
Rotate Stock: Practice a "first in, first out" approach to ensure that older stock is used before newer stock, reducing the risk of corrosion over time.
Use Protective Coatings: Consider using protective coatings or packaging, such as plastic bags or bins, to shield hex bolts from environmental elements.
Avoid Exposure to Chemicals: Keep hex bolts away from chemicals, acids, or other substances that may corrode or degrade the material.

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